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Sanyo Denki

Image of Sanyo Denki's High Static Fans

High Static Pressure Fan, 9HV Type

With the ever increasing demand for more cooling ability, the solution is to use Sanyo Denki’s high-velocity series of fans. These 9HV fans are available in 40 mm x 28 mm to 120 mm x 38 mm sizes.

Image of Sanyo Denki's Wide Temperature Fans

Wide-Temperature Fans, 9GT Type

Sanyo Denki is the first fan company to release wide-temperature fans for electronics cooling with the 9GT series. These fans are able to operate down to -40°C, and up to +85°C.

Image of Sanyo Denki's Silent Fans

Silent Fans, 9S Type

Reduce acoustics levels in your products with Sanyo Denki’s silent fans. These fans have modifications made to reduce motor switching, structural vibrations, and impeller fluid noise.

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About Sanyo Denki

Sanyo Denki America is your ultimate source for cutting-edge thermal management solutions. Since 1927, Sanyo Denki has been surpassing the ever-increasing cooling demands of customers all over the world by providing industry-leading reliability and performance. In the 21st century, Sanyo Denki continues to thrive in leading the industry with a commitment to total customer satisfaction and the success of our business partners.