RVE45 Series Fan Blowers

ebm-papst's powerful, compact, and quiet RVE45 is designed to meet the high demands of industry

Image of EBM papst's RVE45 Series Fan BlowersThe RVE45 is the next generation of ebm-papst's RV45 centrifugal fans, featuring the same dynamic air delivery in a similar footprint with the added benefit of built-in electronics. This high-performance series excels in rapid pressure changes and is ideal for a wide range of medical and industrial applications, including ventilators, vacuum lifters, breathing masks, and even filling bubble wrap. The RVE45 is a powerhouse with more design freedom, greater efficiency, and significantly lower noise levels.

Features and Benefits

  • Integrated electronics allow for a simplified plug and play design
  • Innovative motor boasts a compact footprint and features high-performance magnets
  • Highly dynamic - adapts quickly and reliably to rapid pressure changes
  • Quiet operation due to vibration-absorbing materials and an optimized aerodynamic design
  • Robust construction capable of up to 38,000 rpm and extreme pressures

Application Examples

  • CPAPs/ventilators: Assistive breathing devices are critical, life-sustaining pieces of medical equipment that have to meet rigorous standards. The RVE45’s extremely dynamic EC internal rotor motor supports flexible adaptation to breathing sequences, switching quickly and reliably between a high inflation pressure for inhalation and a considerably lower pressure for unobstructed exhalation. Vibration absorbing materials and ideal aerodynamics deliver quiet operation, and maintenance-free ball bearings ensure years of optimal operation, both vital characteristics for breathing equipment
  • Vacuum lifters: These devices require highly varied and changing pressures. High pressure is required when lifting and holding objects to generate a strong vacuum. When lowering goods, a rapid drop in pressure is necessary to guarantee the item is released immediately. The dynamic nature of the RVE45 delivers the appropriate pressure at the right time for safe and reliable operation
  • Breathing masks: In production plants and other industrial locations, areas like paint shops require a breathing mask to protect against the inhalation of airborne contaminants and effectively remove exhaled air. The RVE45 is compact and lightweight, allowing for maximum comfort while ensuring proper oxygen supply. It can also be operated efficiently with a battery
  • Alternating pressure mattresses: This prophylactic measure reduces the pressure on specific body areas when people are confined to their beds. The RVE45 inflates the air-filled chambers in the mattress, quietly changing the patient’s position to help prevent bedsores without disturbing their sleep
  • Bubble wrap: Fragile items are often padded and protected using bubble wrap. Bubble wrap is produced on special packaging machines that inflate the individual air chambers with short, precise pressure surges. Overfilling can cause the chambers to burst, while underfilling will not offer the protection needed. The RVE45 consistently produces the exact amount of air needed
Target Markets
  • Medical
    • Ventilators
    • Sleep apnea devices (CPAPs, BiPAPs, and others)
    • Respiration/breathing equipment
    • Emergency ventilation systems
  • Industrial
    • Vacuum lifters
    • Mobile extraction systems
    • Packaging technology
    • Fire alarm systems
  • Electronics
    • Plug and play due to integrated control electronics
    • Speed control through a separate wire via PWM signal or analog voltage
    • Output signals: Tach signals or alarm signals
    • 4-wire interfaces
  • Motor
    • Space-saving design for unrivaled compactness
    • Special high-performance magnets
    • Lightweight rotor for highly dynamic and efficient operation; acceleration up to 80 rev/ms
    • Low noise levels at 58 dB(A)
    • Minimal vibration due to dynamic balancing of the impeller-motor unit
  • Air outlets
    • Easy to connect with universal air outlet
  • Scroll housings
    • Robust design
    • Mounting holes allow for simple screw attachment for simple installation
  • Impellers
    • High static efficiency with aerodynamically optimized blade geometry
    • Light fan impeller offers highly dynamic operation and low losses
    • Optimal fan impeller inflow results in quiet operation
    • Robust design capable of up to 38,000 rpm and extreme pressures
    • Optional hose attachment for complex installation situations and flexible air supply

RVE45 Series Fan Blowers

ImageNúmero de peça do fabricanteDescriçãoAvailable QuantityVer detalhes
FAN,RADIAL,24VDC,15.1CFM,32W1.3ARVE45-3/54/2AFAN,RADIAL,24VDC,15.1CFM,32W1.3A20 - ImmediateVer detalhes
FAN,RADIAL,24VDC,16.8CFM,32W1.3ARVE45-3/54/2PFAN,RADIAL,24VDC,16.8CFM,32W1.3A2 - ImmediateVer detalhes
Published: 2021-10-12